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Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum

As newborns, we get colostrum from our mother's breast immediately after birth and for about the first 72 hours of life. In adults, bovine colostrum provides healthy immune system and growth factors that help support a healthy GI tract.

Pasture raised, rBST*, BSE** and Antibiotic-free

Sovereign Laboratories obtains its colostrum from pasture raised dairy cows that are certified to be healthy and not supplemented with rBST* or BSE** and are antibiotic-free.

All raw colostrum supplied to Sovereign Laboratories is tested to confirm that it is from the first milking (after the calf obtains its needs) and free of antibiotics, hormones and herbicides.

Flash Pasteurized

Our colostrum is flash pasteurized according to the most demanding of the International Standards - 161°F for 15 seconds - to give the colostrum its best chance to reach the organs and cells; and remain bioavailable at the cellular level.

* rBST (bovine somatotrophin) - a growth hormone used to increase milk production in dairy cattle.

** BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) - a fatal neurodegenerative disease in cattle that can be transmitted to humans; known as "mad cow disease."

Colostrum-LD Powder

Colostrum-LD Powder

Enhanced Bio-Availability

Sovereign Laboratories exclusive Colostrum-LD (liposomal delivery) increases maximum bio-availability. Without the liposomal delivery advantage, key components of the colostrum are destroyed by stomach acids before they can be absorbed by the body, thus reducing bio-availability and therefore decreasing effectiveness.

Colostrum Polypeptides (CPs)

Among colostrum's numerous healthy immune system factors, the most important and powerful are the low molecular weight polypeptides. Colostrum-LD has the most low molecular weight polypeptides of the majority of colostrum on the market, and has recently been improved to contain up to 50% more than previously before.

Immunoglobulins & Antibodies

Colostrum's healthy immune factors are foundational to the support of a healthy immune system. Bovine colostrum contains up to 40% more of these immune factors then human colostrum, making it an ideal supplement.

Growth Factors (Hormones)

Colostrum-LD also contains a multitude of bioidentical growth factors including insulin-like growth factor (IgF-1), growth hormone (GH), and transforming growth factors (TgF).


Colostrum-LD was developed by Douglas and Kaye Wyatt and has more than twenty-four years of research and study behind it.