Sovereign Laborartories is pleased that your doctor or healthcare provider has recommended PRO Colostrum-LD® for you. Your doctor recognizes that PRO Colostrum-LD® is beneficial to your overall good health. Colostrum is the world’s most powerful superfood. Some of the ingredients within Colostrum have clinical studies which show they may be beneficial in supporting your health. Fresh, raw colostrum contains over 100 bioactive components which promote immune health. PRO Colostrum LD® offers a close to fresh, raw colostrum but without the risks of unpasteurization.

Sovereign Laboratories utilizes liposomal delivery (LD) to aid colostrum's bioactive components in reaching important parts within the body. The natural lipids (fats) that encapsulate raw colostrum particles are lost during processing, so Sovereign Laboratories reapplies them. Otherwise, colostrum loses most of its effectiveness. With liposomal delivery (LD), doctors and patients achieve supporting a healthy immune system.

PRO Colostrum-LD® delivers the following benefits:

  • Promotes the harmonic balance in the GI tract, quickly, safely†
  • Repair and prevent GI tract damage (leaky gut) and maintain optimal functioning
  • Support immune function and bring it back into optimal balance†
  • Promote cellular communication and function†
  • Support the natural aging process†

PRO Colostrum LD® (Liposomal Delivery)

PRO Colostrum-LDPRO Colostrum-LD® is a quality, standardized, bovine colostrum dietary supplement featuring proprietary liposomal delivery. Sovereign Laboratories PRO is a leader in commercially-available bovine colostrum brands in terms of trust, proven performance and quality.

PRO Colostrum LD® is designed to give you premium healthy immune system support. It's important to note that PRO-Colostrum-LD® is most effective when combined with good nutrition, regular physical activity, and avoidance of the factors that contribute to increased intestinal permeability.

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