PRO Colostrum LD® Capsules

PRO Colostrum LD® Capsules


Serving Size: 2 capsules (960 mg)
Servings Per Container: 60
Potency: 480 mg
UPC: 893307001050
Code: PRO-COLOSTRUM-LD_capsules

Product Description



  • Promote a Healthy Stomach and GI Tract
  • Promote a Healthy Intestinal Microbiome
  • Support Healthy Immune Response
  • Increase Bone and Lean Muscle Mass
  • Support Healthy Cognitive Function

PRO Colostrum-LD® is collected from the first milking of pasture-raised dairy cows not supplemented with rBST. Cows are certified BSE and tested antibiotic-free. PRO Colostrum-LD undergoes rigorous testing of pre and post processing for efficacy of its bioactive immune and growth factors. It is then micronized and coated with bio-identical liposomal lipids extracted from milk and sunflower oils and lactose-reduced. Our proprietary LD Liposomal Delivery™ further enhances colostrum's absorption by up to four times more than other brands.†

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 2 capsules twice daily with 8 oz. water on empty stomach. For children: One capsule 1 to 2 times daily - may open capsules into water if unable to swallow.

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