Sports Shaker Bottle: 400ml

Sports Shaker Bottle: 400ml

Designed for use with PRO Colostrum-LD powders

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Designed for use with PRO Colostrum-LD powders
UPC: 855724006407

Product Description


400 ml BPA-free Sports Shaker Bottle with Stainless Steel Mixing Ball

Mix up your Colostrum-LD® supplement drink with water or your favorite flavoring for a smooth refreshing drink. The shaker is imprinted with a minimum fill line for mixing water or tea with your Colostrum-LD. The leak-proof lid, wide mouth screw-on lid, measurement window and grip panels make it easy to use. This shaker bottle holds up to 400ml of liquid to quench your thirst. Made of BPA-free lightweight polypropylene and dishwasher safe.


Capacity: 400ml (500ml of actual water)
Weight: 105g (Stainless steel ball adds 10g )
Size: 9.5 cm x 16.5 cm
Material: PP + PE (Recycleable)
Accessories: Lid
Raw material certification: FDA Food safe
Feature: BPA-FREE


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